Resource Pages

Resource Pages created by students in Fall 2015 Digital Caribbean course:

Caribbean Spoken Word Poetry – Chy Sprauve

Haitian Vodou – Gwen Shaw

Caribbean (Digital) Poetry – Maxine Anderson

Caribbean IndigeneityLindsey Catherine Cornum

Caribbean Revolutions – Aaron Pinnix

Music Recording & Distribution in the Caribbean – Jeff Israel

Resources for Digital Scholarly Projects – Gwen Shaw


Resource Pages created by students in Spring 2014 Digital Caribbean course:

Queer Caribbean Identities – Dwight Howard Johnson

Caribbean Political/Social Movements – Lusely Martinez

Caribbean Futurisms & Surrealisms – Conor Tomás Reed

Food: Questions of Unity, Authenticity, and Appropriation – Naia H. Ferguson

Caribbean Women’s Movements – Maribi Henriquez

Caribbean Slave Narrative Archives – Margaret Cook

Afro-Caribbean Religions – Jamal George

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  1. Looking forward to discussions on the status of Marcus Garvey expungement by President Obama. Is it a just cause?

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