Caribbean (Digital) Poetry Resources

Resources for Poets

Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps
Offering “carefully selected resources and markets for writers of several genres of the Caribbean and beyond,” this is an incredibly useful (and regularly updated) compendium of submission and publication opportunities. Websites and e-zines are particularly well-represented, and the site also includes information about marketing and copyright issues.

Caribbean Review of Books
An online magazine (not journal!) focusing on contemporary Caribbean literature and art. Primarily focused on reviews, but also publishes poetry and prose, critical essays, and reviews. The Caribbean Review of Books also maintains a blog and an active social media presence. Primarily but not entirely Anglophone; frequently updated.

Caribbean Vistas
This site is technically a publication venue — but the resources on the home page deserve mention. Information about conferences and events, calls for papers (including calls for poetry or creative work), and literary news items are all posted here. Also: an e-journal of critical writing on Caribbean art and culture, including a good deal of new poetry.

Writer’s Relief: Literary Journals Featuring Writers of Color
Not explicitly Caribbean-focused, but this resource seemed too important not to include, particularly as the list is so comprehensive and includes journals that might be both a good fit for the work of Caribbean poets and difficult to locate due to their lack of imbrication within the “Caribbean Web.” Even more journals listed in the comments.

Journals & Publication Venues

A journal publishing exclusively creative writing; also the name of an affiliated project hosting readings, workshops, and classes. Based in Barbados and focused on the Caribbean; contributors mainly come from the Caribbean but also include occasional contributions from the Caribbean diaspora and around the world. Online-only as of 2015.

Parole en Archipel
Haiti-based, Francophone platform for the publication of news and cultural critique; also has a robust “Culture” section which publishes new creative work, including poetry. Online-only. Open submission policy; unsolicited submissions are encouraged. Essays and the occasional poem published in Creole can be found at Pawòl Achipèl.

Based at the University of Puerto Rico, this academic journal publishes poetry in almost every issue, in addition to the critical work that is its main focus.  Sargasso publishes material from and about both the Caribbean and its diasporas. All issues are available online; submissions are accepted at any time, though each issue has a particular theme.

Online journal published three times a year with the goal of “a Pan-Caribbean ethos…that is also sensitive to our location within the Virgin Islands.” Has an open submission policy and particularly encourages emerging writers, artists, and scholars to submit work on any topic related to the Caribbean. Also has an excellent reading list.

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal
Anthurium publishes both creative and critical work from the Caribbean: “a mixture of fiction, poetry, plays, critical essays, cultural studies, interviews, and visual art.” Though it is an academic journal, anyone may submit — institutional affiliation is not required. Online-only.

A literary magazine admittedly “appearing at irregular intervals,” based in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Included on this list because, despite the infrequency of publication, they focus primarily on poetry, seem to put out an issue every few years, and publish in a particularly interesting format: digital supplemented by broadsides meant for public posting.

sx salon
A “digital platform for the convergence of expressions and discussions of the literary,” sx salon publishes “literary discussions, interviews with writers, reviews of new publications (creative and scholarly), and poetry and prose by Caribbean writers.” Also affiliated with an annual literary competition offering payment and publication.

Further Reading

Caribbean Book Blog
Highly professional (and professionalized) blog about the international book trade and its particular effects on the Caribbean and Caribbean literary communities.

La Ventana
Cuba’s Casa de las Americas — both a journal and a publishing house — has a sprawling online presence. The Spanish-language site includes links to news, critical writing, events, and podcasts.

Novel Niche bookmarks list
Again, not specific to poets, but an excellent and comprehensive map of the “Caribbean Web,” particularly covering art, culture, literature, and potentially useful institutional links (to libraries, universities, and so on).

The Spaces Between Words
Podcast featuring interviews and conversations with writers of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Almost every writer interviewed (but not all) has a Caribbean connection.

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