Political/Social Movements

NEWS Sites

CaribbeanNewsNow.com is an all inclusive newssite that provides various tops news stories for all of the Antilles. With the option to choose between topics and the country/state of interest, the site provides classifieds, a directory and a forum for the Caribbean diaspora to connect.

Caribbean Newspapers is a great little site that has listed every type of newspaper in the the various islands in the Caribbean. Each link leads to their various websites and the top news stories. Although not the most visually appealing of sites, its serves a highly functional purpose allowing in depth looks at all newspapers published in the area. Some links do not work, but most others do.

CanaNews is another news aggregation site that claims “only the Sun covers the Caribbean Better”. It posts the latest headlines regardless of island, and updates regularly serving as a digital paper.

Social Media Sites

Boricua Ahora Es is a movement that is pushing for the decolonization of Puerto Rico, effectively asking for statehood or nationhood. The facebook site hopes to create an open space for discussion for the Puerto Rican diaspora to speak up about this major political/social endeavor for the territory.

TheRealCuba.Com is a website (although not very visually appealing) that based in Miami, FL (a highly Cuban populated area) attempts to show the reality of life in Cuba. The website serves as a news site with the latest Cuban news and pages looking at various issues shared to unite the Cuban Diaspora. The site seems rather policy/socially driven, looking at political issues and serving as place to express negative attitudes of Cuban life.

Afro Presencia is a site that focuses on Black Presence in the Americas. Of interest here are articles such as Dominican-Haitians form a political movement, that looks at recent efforts to calm the negative tensions in Hispaniola.

Government of Antigua and Barbuda is the Facebook site for the governing force of the twin island state providing information about the services, events and programs.

Other Worlds is a website that focuses on various social movements in the caribbean from Rebuilding a Just Haiti, to Justice for Honduras, and other worldly concerns. Their site looks to affect areas in the or near the America’s that require help, change and new possibilities.

Academic Resources

“The Twilight Years”: Caribbean Social Movements, 1940–1960 is an academic essay that looks briefly at a set period of time in the Caribbean, pushing forward in our minds the various issues of imagination, mobilization and politics in the Antilles.

The Ras Tafari Movement in Kingston, Jamaica by M. G. Smith, Roy Augier, & Rex Nettleford published in the 1960’s is a book looking at the origins of this particular Jamaican social movement that was compared to the Black Panthers of the US.

Dominican Republic LGBT Movement, by out-scholar, Dr. Jacqueline Jimenez is a scholarly piece looking at the difficulties the LGBT movement faces and provides various propositions to these problems. Her work looks at a long history of queer theory in the DR and forces a real look at acceptance in the Caribbean.

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